Ambulance Systems | iNTRAXX™

Emergency Services Equipment That Works as Hard as You Do. Almost.

Delivering first-rate patient care inside a moving vehicle isn’t always easy, so our ambulance equipment solutions were designed to help emergency responders and those in their charge. From our revolutionary iNTRAXX™ Integrated Vehicle Component System to defibrillator mounts, oxygen cylinders, and airway supplies, FERNO products increase overall safety and efficiency any time EMS personnel are providing care from an ambulance.

Advantages of FERNO Emergency Services Equipment

Implementing the iNTRAXX™ Integrated Vehicle Component System provides EMS personnel with a safer work environment as they administer care inside a moving ambulance. The modular system restrains caregivers and secures equipment and supplies through sudden stops and maneuvers through traffic. In addition, our defibrillator mounts secure this essential piece of equipment inside the ambulance compartment. Our oxygen brackets stabilize canisters through the most demanding shifts. All of these components can be installed in the most logical way for each vehicle to enhance safety and convenience.