The Lifeline ARM has an extremely simplified Control Panel where just two steps are needed to initiate mechanical CPR:

  1. Adjust the Compression Piston height relative to the patient’s chest for beginning compressions by using the Up / Down softkey buttons located on the Control Panel of the Compression Module
  2. Depending on the protocol that is in line with your designated emergency response procedures, choose between “Run Continuous,” which performs chest compressions only (no breathing) for continuous chest compressions, or “Run with Breaths,” which follows the compressions with breaths protocol by using programmed pauses for rescue breaths.

Toggling between the two protocols during the rescue is allowed, to accommodate your local resuscitation protocol. And, at any time, the Pause button may be used to stop compressions when running or resume compressions if stopped.

All Features and Benefits

The innovative and elegant design of the Lifeline ARM device affords portability, speedy deployment, and smooth, consistent operation. The Frame’s single-piece design enhances its usability and provides an incredibly strong platform for performing mechanical CPR. The Compression Module contains the Control Panel, a removable and rechargeable battery pack, and the piston drive used to generate the chest compressions. Modularization of the Compression Piston has benefits in all phases of use, particularly during deployment and repacking. It allows the Frame and Backboard to be attached to the patient and aligned before the addition of the Compression Module. Periodic servicing will be so much easier too.
  • Size (assembled) 23.5 x 20.75 x 9 inches (59.7 x 52.7 x 22.9 cm)
  • Size (in carrying case) 24 x 18 x 10 inches (61.0 x 45.7 x 25.4 cm)
  • Weight (with battery pack) 15.9 lbs (7.1 kg)
  • Adult Patient Ranges
    Adult patients that fit into the ACC:
    • Chest width – 18 inches (45.7 cm) max
    • Chest height – 6.5 to 11.8 inches (16.5 to 30 cm)
Use of the RMU-1000 is not restricted by patient weight

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