Tirol Wheel Kit with handles

Part #0832287

A lightweight and versatile patient transportation system ideal for long haul retrieval and technical rescue with ergonomic operation on even the most difficult terrain. At an incredibly lightweight 10.8 kg the Tirol Kit can be backpacked individually or divided amongst rescuers and quickly set up and utilized by a single rescuer. The Tirol Kit is designed for a modified Tirol Titan Titanium split basket stretcher with purpose built head and foot plates (sold separately). The combination of these two lightweight products makes it possible to operate in the most hostile and inaccessible areas. The Tirol Kit comes complete with four articulating and removable handles, two attachable side rail/wheel axle arms, one lightweight wheel, two shoulder harnesses and a carry bag. The custom Tirol Titan Titanium Split Basket is sold separately.

All Features and Benefits

•Attached or removed quickly with the patient in stretcher, even by a single rescuer
•Lightweight 10.8 kg, back packable and divisible between rescuers
•12 position adjustable carry handles match the rescue team or terrain requirements
•Carry handles become legs to provide an elevated, stationary position to attend the patient
•Anti-wear treatment of metal parts to guarantee extended durability. 225 kg capacity
•Tirol Traverse Titanium Split Basket (sold separately) 9.9 kg

Optional Features 

  • Tirol Kit with optional Tirol Titan Titanium Split Basket
  • Tirol Kit with optional Tirol Titan Titanium Split Basket

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