Sof-Shelf Equipment Tray

The Sof-Shelf Equipment Tray provides additional storage space on the cot during patient transport. The Sof-Shelf can carry a variety of equipment, including medical bags or oxygen cylinders. It is compatible with the 35X PROFlexx Ambulance Cot, 35X-ST PROFlexx Ambulance Cot, and 93H PROFlexx Ambulance Cot. The Sof-Shelf has a load capacity of 100 lb.

All Features and Benefits

  • Convenient storage area for medical equipment on the lower frame of the cot
  • Compatible with the 35X PROFlexx Ambulance Cot, 35X-ST PROFlexx Ambulance Cot, and 93H PROFlexx Ambulance Cot
  • Easy to attach and detach with hook-and-loop straps
  • Can carry D-Size Aluminum Oxygen Cylinder, Jumbo D-Size Aluminum Oxgen Cylinder, and DD-Lite Carbon Fiber Oxygen Cylinder
  • Load capacity of 100 lb


Load Limit
100 lb