Model 78 Pedi-Pac Pediatric Immobilizer

Part #0313065

Treating pediatric patients poses unique challenges for emergency responders. While spinal injuries in children are rare, they can be life-threatening and require specialized child immobilizer equipment. The danger of a pediatric spinal injury is worsened when the patient is panicking and cannot follow instructions to stay still while first responders administer care and immobilize the spine.

Using the right equipment can make all the difference when pediatric spinal immobilization is required. The Pedi-Pac from FERNO provides spinal immobilization and restraint specifically for children 28-54 inches tall and weighing 20-90 lbs. (9 to 41 kg). Cot-fastening loops and color-coded straps provide fast and flexible restraint. The head support is specifically designed with a small child’s disproportionately large head in mind, keeping the child’s neck immobile and airway open. Sewn-in lifting handles at both ends allow for easy handling in confined areas.

In addition, the Pedi-Pac is designed to work with adult backboards and ambulance cots, so purchasing more cots is not necessary.

All Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable head support with ear openings allows for monitoring of fluid drainage
  • Individual leg restraints allow one leg to be immobilized while a medic attends to the other leg
  • Includes head and chin straps, and a carrying case


7 lb
Load Limit
90 lb
9 in
3 in
48 in

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