Oxygen System Mounting Bracket

Part #T70710-N

The iNTRAXX Oxygen System, developed in partnership with Spiracle Technology (a FERNO Group Company) is a lightweight, fully-contained oxygen system that increases productivity and reduces risk of injury. The industry’s first complete oxygen system, the versatile iNTRAXX Oxygen System easily adapts to many usage scenarios and can be configured in the ambulance based on your specific needs.


All Features and Benefits

  • Securely hold either two EE-Lite 3Ks, two M60s, or a mix of the two cylinders
  • Uses each cylinder independently of one another allowing for complete depletion of cylinder before needing to swap
  • Wall mounted base provides secure retention system
  • Foam bottle holder, and door pad prevent rattling
  • Integrated pressure gauges allow for quick assessment of cylinder contents
  • 4 high flow outlets grant the ability to treat multiple patients or run complete machines at once

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If you have questions about any oxygen equipment, you can contact us. A Spiracle Technology Sales Consultant will be in touch as soon as possible. Or call us at 1-714-418-1091 for immediate assistance.
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