Model 87 Church Truck

Made of strong, rectangular aluminum tubing, with a protective glossanodized finish that keeps the truck looking new and makes it easy to clean. The stable x-frame undercarriage and rubber bumpers help to secure the casket. Six-inch rubber wheels roll easily over carpet, sills and other obstacles with quiet dignity. When moved without a casket, a special built-in center handle allows the truck to be pushed, pulled or carried. The Model 87 Church Truck locks into four positions, allowing a wide range of casket sizes to be displayed with one truck. The additional length increases stability and makes an attractive appearance. Available in bronze, gold, blue-grey, silver or onyx finish.

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All Features and Benefits

• Superior craftsmanship to maintain finish and allow for easy cleaning
• Stable x-frame to secure casket
• Six-inch wheels to roll easily over a variety of terrain
• Locks into four positions to allow for a range of casket sizes



16 kg
Load Limit
454 kg
46 cm
56 cm
155 cm

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