Model 107 Ambulance Stretcher Chair

The Model 107 Ambulance Chair Stretcher from FERNO is designed to serve as a wheeled emergency evacuation chair, a stair chair, and a flat stretcher in one versatile cot. The device’s intuitive configuration allows emergency responders to quickly and easily switch the stretcher from one position to another.

The Model 107 features two folding posts at the head-end of the stretcher, which double as lifting handles, plus two folding wheels at the foot-end.

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All Features and Benefits

  • Folding head-end posts double as lift handles and support legs and fold underneath the stretcher for storage
  • Foot-end wheels fold flat for storage and snap back into place
  • Fits squad bench post and wheel cups, for use as a second stretcher
  • Sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame provides long-term durability
  • Vinyl-coated nylon cover is strong and easy to clean
  • ​Includes patient restraints


10.89 kg
Load Limit
158.76 kg
50.80 cm
22.86 cm
185.42 cm


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