Ambulance & Hospital

FERNO develops patient handling solutions to help you work more safely and efficiently, no matter the situation or call. We designed our quality products to stand up to the rigours of your day-to-day Emergency Service activities. From stretchers to powered ambulance trolleys, manual and powered tracked chairs, specialst products such as paediatric transport equipment, and in-vehicle medical equipment mounting systems—if it has the FERNO name on it, you can be sure it was built with the comfort and safety of patients and providers in mind.

Patient Transport Equipment

Choosing the right ambulance trolley system for your organisation can make all the difference in keeping patients safe and preventing injuries. FERNO designs patient transport equipment that is durable, stable and reliable. We put all trolleys, chairs, batteries and loading systems to the test to make sure they will always meet your expectations in the field. And with a wide array of available accessories, you can tailor your patient transport set-up to your particular needs. Browse the Patient Transport Equipment from FERNO. FERNO works hard to fulfill all Emergency Services equipment needs in a safe and cost-effective way.

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