Trauma O2 Bags

Whether you are administering oxygen to a patient as a precautionary measure or as part of the resuscitation process, you need to know that your equipment is in the right spot and ready to go immediately. An EMS oxygen bag from FERNO is a good place to keep an oxygen tank, O2 delivery devices, and basic first aid supplies all in one convenient bag.

EMS Oxygen Bags from FERNO

FERNO offers several EMS oxygen bags to meet a wide range of needs. If you want to keep the largest possible portable oxygen tank on hand, choose the Model 5121 E Size Oxygen Carry Bag. Its aluminum frame prevents rolling, and adjustable straps allow it to hang from an ambulance cot.

For a more rugged O2 bag suitable for situations like wilderness rescues, consider the ERC Backpack. This EMS oxygen bag can be carried backpack-style, or you can stow the straps and carry it like a traditional bag. The ERC Backpack accommodates a Jumbo D oxygen cylinder.

All our O2 bags are made of durable materials and include padding to protect regulators and valves. Each bag also features quick oxygen access through convenient outside pockets.

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Questions About FERNO’s range of Trauma O2 Medical bags?

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