Ambulance Trolleys

Ambulance Trolleys Designed with Your Safety and Comfort in Mind.

Whether powered or manual, every FERNO ambulance trolley and stretcher is designed with innovative features that you can trust to keep you and your patients safe. We only build ambulance trolleys with the sturdiest frames possible, incorporating features and functions with both the operators and patient safety in mind. Whatever your specific equipment or patient transport needs are we've worked to ensure there’s an ideal solution for you.

If you are ready to upgrade to the latest in patient transport technology, consider the revolutionary iNX, which is the first fully integrated Patient Transport and Loading System, eliminating the need for a tail-lift or ramp.

POWERX is our flagship Powered X-Frame trolley for use in vehicles with a tail-lift or ramp, configurable to difffering needs and functions, including frontline A&E, Specialist Care, PTS and Bariatric patient transportation.

FERNO Makes Patient Transport Trolleys for All Needs

We know that your organisation needs great equipment, but you’re operating on a budget. FERNO works hard to provide trolleys that serve a wide variety of demands. So the product portfolio covers a range of models, from the aforementioned self-loading iNX, through to the manual powerhouse that has been used and relied on for so many years, the Pegasus & Megasus.

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