The XT Pro has the same functions as the standard XT board but with additonal features for higher level Technical Rescue scenarios and requirements. Features include:

  • Restraint straps with high-specfication metal buckles instead of plastic buckles
  • Additional longer manoeuvering grab straps for easier manoeuvrability in enclosed spaces
  • Lifting bridle and carabiner to allow casualties to be lifted from confined spaces with the appropriate lifting equipment

All Features and Benefits

  • Allows for the correct immobilization of the spine
  • Easy application with four high-visibility color-coded restraints and buckles
  • Maximum safety with total patient spinal immobilization
  • Convenient extrication with four carrying handles
  • Lightweight composite fiber board 
  • 100% radiolucent 
  • Easy to decontaminate 
  • If you already have an XT, you can also update it to the FLOATING version thanks to a special kit