Venice PowerTraxx

The enhanced model of powered track chair from Ferno, with benefit-driven enhancements compared to the successful EZ-Glide PowerTraxx chair.
The VENICE PowerTraxx is so much more functional than any other powered tracked chair, and lighter in weight. Capable of moving up and down stairs or over obstacles and curbs under controlled power, designed to be used as a carry chair, track chair and wheelchair. There is no need to lift when transferring a patient, the powered track does it all, thereby minimising manual handing injury risks. Even use the powered track to move in and out of the vehicle via the side or rear steps.

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Large oversized wheels – large 200 mm high-grip rubberised wheels makes it easier to manoeuvre over a wide range of surfaces and environments, both in and outdoor, ensuring reduced-effort safer transfers
  • Flat track belts – operates better over a wider range of stairs types and surfaces, the track design giving even better grip
  • Enhanced visibility – built-in lighting feature provides greater visibility when operating in poor lighting conditions
  • Variable speed control – allows the operator to control the speed simply by altering the pressure applied to the control button
  • Slow-speed mode – for use when more care is needed, such as down tight staircase or over an obstacle
  • Adjustable storable armrests  - providing additional comfort to the patient when using as a wheelchair
  • Folding footrest – supporting the patient’s feet and legs, with ankle strap for additional safety


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All Features and Benefits

  • Extendable-height front and rear handles – providing optimum positioning for differing height operators, enhancing manoeuvrability
  • Complete operator control – easy to operate powered track, provide ease of handling
  • Proven technology – utilises proven PowerTraxx powered track system but with improved motor and utilising the higher-rated 5 Ah Milwaukee M28 battery
  • Ergonomic Frame - redesigned frame provides overall weight reduction (24.2 kg) whilst increasing SWL to 230 kg (36.2 stone)
  • Improved seat design - seat and backrest slightly angled back for better positioning and comfort for the patient
  • Lower-height footrest – easier to place feet especially for bariatric patients
  • Locking rear lift handles – angled for improved ergonomics when pushing chair as a wheelchair or moving over a curb
  • Easy and more compact to store - specially designed bracket to hold chair in place when storing, folding to 20cm depth, with magnets to hold the wheels in place. No need to lift chair to put in storage bracket.


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