Three-Stage IV Pole

Part #1590160

The Three-Stage IV Pole is designed to hold IV solution bags and infusion pumps. Its three-stage, adjustable-height design allows you to place IV solutions at the appropriate level for each patient. The IV Pole mounts directly onto the frame of the POWER X1 Ambulance Cot, POWERX and iNX Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System, or Mondial Monobloc. It is easy to attach and detach, and can be moved to either side of the cot.  


Height | Model Compatible with: iNX Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System, POWERX or Mondial Monobloc
  • Extended: 38.50 inches
  • ​Retracted: 17.00 inches
  • Folded: 3 inches

Height | Model Compatible with: POWER X1 Ambulance Cot
  • Extended: 38.5 inches
  • Retracted: 17.0 inches
  • Folded: 3 inches


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All Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, durable aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Simple-to-use folding system
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Quick-release clamps enable fast adjustment of pole length
  • Double-sided hook-and-loop fastening strap secures IV fluid bags
  • Load capacity of 11 lb
  • Folds for storage


425 mm
Load Limit
5 kg

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