Spartan Basket Stretcher, 2-piece

The Spartan frame has a 2500 lb (1134 kg) strength rating while providing a completely smooth sliding surface on the bottom to handle rough terrain. The outer high density polyethylene (HMWPE) shell is securely attached to the middle rail leaving the top rail completely exposed to provide unencumbered access for multiple rescuers to grab the rail at any location. This eliminates the need for rescuers to find hand cutouts and makes the rail easy to grasp even while wearing thick gloves.

All Features and Benefits

•Split-apart feature with LocSafe™ connectors provide fail-safe connection and allows the stretcher to be assembled in about 15 seconds
•StratLoad™ attachment points provide secure bridle attachment with any size carabiner
•Available with titanium frame
•LockSafe feature on Split-Apart Litters

Standard Features

  • Smooth Sliding Surface
  • LocSafe™ connectors
  • StratLoad™ attachment points


  • Titanium (decreasses weight by 10lb / 5kg)


16 kg
Load Limit
1134 kg
62 cm
19 cm
218 cm

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