Neil Robertson Stretcher

StretcherDesigned for both horizontal and vertical evacuation of casualties, Neil Robertson is the industry standard stretcher, widely used in Navy, Military, Mining & Construction industries but also for general confined space rescue in a range of industrial sectors. With a traditional design that is robust and durable, made from wooden slats, durable rot-proof cotton materials and strong manilla rope, the Neil Robertson stretcher has a dependable service life. Wrap-around design combined with long restraint straps ensures that casualties of all shapes and sizes can be safely and securely moved.

All Features and Benefits

•Robust design for long service life
•Long straps to support casualty up to width/diameter of approx. 750mm (27.5 in)
•Four side-handles with protective grip for carrying
•Strap for supporting casualty’s head
•Head-end metal O-ring for vertical lifting and foot-end guide rope
•Attachable neck/head support pillow for casualty comfort and support
•Storage/carry bag also available


8 kg
Load Limit
136 kg
100 cm
4 cm
153 cm

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