EasyFix PLUS Vacuum Mattress Range

FERNO’s EasyFix PLUS provides an effective and secure vacuumed environment for a safer transfer of patients and casualties.

Designed to give better product protection in unforgiving operating environments, the ground-facing base surface is made from a durable low-friction material, with easier manoeuvrability and better patient handling.

A new V-shaped inner chamber system gives rigid and effective C-spine immobilisation without the need to use a cervical collar, which can cause extra trauma to the patient during positioning of a collar.

Designed for use in both rescue and medical emergency situations, theEasyFix PLUS vacuum mattress raises the level in patient immobilisation & transportation equipment, allowing a patient to be moved from scene allthe way through to scanner without the need to transfer between differentdevices, in all environments and situations

All Features and Benefits

  • Improved design – in the head and neck area for superior immobilisation of patient, with no collar required
  • Durable and highly effective – base fibreglass material reducesfriction making surface movement of the vacuum mattress easier
  • Integrated immobilisation – integral head straps designedto remain in place (see images right)
  • High carrying capacity – load limit 250kg
  • X-Ray and MRI applicable –no need to move the patientto another device for diagnostics
  • Easy storage – folds easily to take up 20% less space than other designs of vacuum mattress


8.2 kg
Load Limit
250 kg
130 cm
208 cm