CMC Litter Shield

Protect your patient from further trauma during stretcher evacuations and carry outs.

The shield provides the patient with protection from falling rocks and debris, inclement weather and scrub without compromising access to and visibility of the patient’s head. Moulded of thick Lexan, the Litter Shield offers impact resistance with the clarity and weather-ability of glass.

The CMC Original Litter Shield attaches to a mount on the stretcher rail that allows the shield to pivot and nest on top of the stretcher side rails. A quick release pin allows the shield to be completely removed if necessary.

740000 CMC Litter Shield (21.6cm height), not including clamp, (cannot use with Tirol)
740011 19mm Clamp for CMC Litter shield (for use on Gazelle stretchers)
740012 35mm clamp for CMC Litter shield (for use on Model 71 stretchers)
740016 25mm Clamp for Litter shield (for use on Titan stretchers (cannot be used on Tirol)
740015 Replacement pin for Litter shield clamp

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