BVM Wall Mount

Part #FA887A160

Our BVM Wall Mount is designed to secure a single BVM while allowing the BVM to be rapidly accessible. Ideal for use in aircraft or ground vehicles employing our Standard Series Ferno-Track. Quick-release pin allows the BVM to be installed or removed from mount as needed. The mount also employs a quick-release system allowing the mount to be installed or removed from Ferno-Track as needed.

# FA887A160


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All Features and Benefits

  • Static pull tested in all directions
  • Offered in Clear or Black anodize finish 
  • Allows rapid install or removal of BVM Wall Mount from Ferno-Track in HEMS or EMS platforms


  • Static Pull Tested in accordance with:
  • FAR23.561 – Airworthiness Standards: Normal, Utility, Acrobatic, and Commuter category airplanes
  • FAR 25.561 – Airworthiness Standards: Transport Category Airplanes
  • FAR27.561 – Airworthiness Standards: Normal Category Rotorcraft
  • FAR29.561 – Airworthiness Standards: Transport Category Rotorcraft
  • FAA form 8110—3 is available with supporting data to cover installations in specific aircraft


15.74 cm
27.94 cm
19.30 cm

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