Sometimes to simplify is the answer - for years the Ambulance Sector has debated “How do we eliminate the need for a Tail-lift, Ramp or complicated electronic Loading System on the back of an Ambulance”? 

Ferno’s VIPER system utilises a mechanical loading arm which quickly, easily and safely loads/unloads the ambulance stretcher without using what is considered to be unreliable powered in-vehicle systems. But another massive bonus is the weight saving, the Ferno VIPER stretcher & loading system weighs in at under 156 kg up to 30 kg less than an equivalent powered loading system and at least 150 kg lighter than a traditional tail-lift and X-frame trolley vehicle configuration.

Needing no power the VIPER Loading System (VLS) is easier and quicker to operate and requires less servicing, thereby maximising the efficiency of the fleet and contributing towards the reduction in whole life-time costs.

The VIPER Stretcher – has a 320 kg (50 stone) unassisted lift capacity, it can be used for all types of patient transfers, including bariatric. Utilising the latest-generation Lithium-ion battery technology with automatic in-vehicle charging, it ensures the stretcher has power every time. But in the unlikely event of no power, the VIPER’s built-in manual-override capability is extremely quick and easy to operate.

The VIPER stretcher includes ratcheting Surface eXtending (SX) Cotsides, allowing the patient surface to be widened for larger-size patients. Directional wheel locks at the head-end, but actuated at the foot-end, always gives you full control. The VIPER App (iOS & Android) allows adjustment of loading height, parameter settings and stretcher operation monitoring for maintenance and servicing.

The VIPER Loading System (VLS) – can be used on angled and uneven surfaces, over inclines, even on pavements and sidewalks. Minimal operator intervention or effort is required for loading; just approach the loading arm with the stretcher, the loading-arm head guides the stretcher into position and once locked in place simply press a single button to lower the stretcher onto the loading arm and raise the legs, all in one step, then simply move the stretcher into the vehicle, all requiring the minimum of effort.

The WHOLE System brings together ALL what the modern Ambulance demands - a simple, robust, lightweight Stretcher & Loading System that saves time when every second counts, that is easy to maintain & clean, and which contributes massively to reducing the weight and the whole life costs of the Ambulance.

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All Features and Benefits

VIPER Stretcher

  • Powered stretcher with unassisted lift capacity of 320 kg (50 stone)
  • Stretcher utilises latest-technology integrated Lithium-ion battery which auto-charges in the vehicle
  • Battery level indicator shows the stretcher charge at all times
  • Manual over-ride function if battery is depleted, can load/unload stretcher even with no power 
  • Multi-position backrest and leg-positioning, easy to adjust
  • All-terrain 15cm rubberised wheels for better handling and shock absorption
  • Easy to operate foot-end wheel locks
  • Head-end directional wheel-locks, actuated from foot-end
  • SX surface extender cotsides, ratchets to 4 different positions including horizontal (load-bearing)
  • Stretcher shortens to 1630 mm for easier manoeuvring around corners and in lifts  
  • Viper Smartphone/Tablet App (iOS & Android) for setting load height & parameters
  • Stretcher operation data can be uploaded to Viper App for analysis

VIPER Loading System

  • Mechanical loading & fastening system – no power required, no electrics to go wrong
  • Quick and easy to load/unload, less than 20 seconds
  • Loading system design minimises the manual-handing effort required
  • Loading-arm head guides stretcher in position, affords operator to be less accurate
  • Can be loaded/unloaded on inclines, at angles and on rough terrain 
  • Only 2000 mm in length, will fit in the shortest of vehicles
  • Designed for easy installation in vehicle


VIPER Stretcher
LENGTH STANDARD__________________200 cm
LENGTH MINIMUM___________________163 cm
WIDTH_____________________________60 cm
*WEIGHT____________________________82 kg
WHEELS DIAMETER___________________15 cm
WHEELS WIDTH______________________5 cm
ARTICULATION BACKREST_____________0° – 90°
BATTERY CAPACITY___________________5 Ah
MAXIMUM___________________________320 kg
LOADING HEIGHT_____________________95 cm

*Stretcher weight with battery pack, without mattress and restraints.

VIPER Loading System
LENGTH____________________________200 cm
WIDTH_____________________________57 cm
WEIGHT____________________________69 kg
MAXIMUM LOAD CAPACITY____________400 kg


  • Viper Stretcher & loading system 10G dynamically crash-tested, certified to EN 1789:2020, CEN compliant
  • Compliance to EN 1865:2015
  • Compliance to Medical Device Regulation (EU) MDR 17/745
  • IP66 rated, both stretcher & loading system can be power-washed




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