The UNI-ClipDoc System™ was developed to create seamless patient transfers between ground and air transport. This highly engineered interface allows equipment, such as the LifePort AeroSled TS platform and incubator interfaces, to be directly transferred from aircraft to ambulance trolley. The UNI-ClipDoc mirrors the aircraft/helicopter floor, providing a smooth process for patient handling.

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All Features and Benefits

•    Compatible with a range of FERNO ambulance trolleys, the Uni-ClipDoc gives complete interchangeability across various transportation platforms
•    Lightweight yet incredibly strong – manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel
•    Universal and adaptable – a Ratchet Clamp System locks UNIClipDoc to traditional tubular-framed trolleys such as Pegasus, Megasus and Harrier, a Quick Release Clamp system attaches UNI-ClipDoc to the side interface rails on the latest generation of trolleys such as iNX® and POWERX™
•    Saves vital rescue and transfer time – now a patient can remain safe and secure in the equipment they were originally transported in, eliminating the need to carry out transfers from one platform to another, reducing time and potential manual handling risks
•    Each UNI-ClipDoc System is custom made and  will require an individual technical assessment to determine pin centers and whether a bridging piece is needed between trolley and aircraft to aid loading/unloading
•    Easily assembled and stored. The UNI-ClipDoc System comes in two halves with a sturdy carrying case

•    Certifications: EN 1789, CE

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