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Our Vision
Be recognized as the innovative partner in global emergency, mortuary, and healthcare markets by improving the value of life through the use of care-giving products.

Our Mission
Ferno-Washington, Inc. is the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of professional emergency, mortuary, and healthcare products to targeted vertical markets. Our mission is to satisfy our customers with innovative cost-effective products that improve healthcare delivery for caregivers and those they serve.

Our Customers
We have a strong customer service orientation, and we are committed to responsibly meeting our customers' needs in an effective, timely, supportive manner. Our EMT and Physicians Advisory Committees, with international representation, keep us abreast of medical technology and support our continuing research efforts.

Our Suppliers
We value our supplier relationships and strive to cultivate long-term, mutually beneficial associations. We are responsible for specifying our needs and expect our sources to provide quality goods and services in a timely manner and at a fair, competitive price.

Our Community
The corporate headquarters of Ferno-Washington, Inc., are located in Wilmington, Ohio, USA.

The Ferno Group of Companies domestic operations consist of:

  • Ferno Aviation, Atlanta, GA
  • Spiracle Technologies, Fountain Valley, CA.

The international operations are:

  • Ferno UK, Cleckheaton, England
  • Ferno Transportgeraete and Utila, Troisdorf, Germany
  • Ferno Japan, Tokyo, Japan
  • Ferno France, Amberieu, France
  • Ferno Schweiz, Littau, Switzerland
  • Ferno Canada, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  • Ferno Washington Italia, Prato and Bologna, Italy
  • Traverse Rescue, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
  • Ferno Australia, Brisbane, Australia
  • Ferno Mexico, Guaymas, Mexico
  • Saver Manufacturing, Bosaca Slovakia.

We are commited to being responsible and respected corporate citizens in the communities in which we operate.


We believe the strength of our company is based on the quality of our people. Consequently, we are committed to providing employees with satisfying, challenging, and rewarding career opportunities. We are committed to the Ferno Way, which encourages a sense of pride, excitement, and loyalty on the part of all who are associated with Ferno.

We encourage a genuine sense of teamwork, critical to gaining and sustaining our employees' commitment, thereby creating a work environment that fosters cooperation.

Hiring and advancement within our company are based on merit and reflect our commitment to pursue an active program of affirmative action.

We treat our employees fairly without discrimination from anyone inside or outside our operations.

We listen to the concerns of our employees.

We do our best to maintain competitive wages and benefits to recruit and retain quality people.

We reinvest in our company and our employees as we grow.

We meet with employees to discuss matters that vitally concern the Ferno Family.

We welcome suggestions. Some of our finest ideas come from constructive criticism.

We encourage involvement.

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