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Hospital Preparedness Project Grant – Galveston Area Ambulance Authority, researched and submitted a HPP grant request for the Acetech system to be installed in their fleet of ambulances. The grant was awarded to GAAA, La Marque Fire Department and Santa Fe Fire and Rescue. Mainland Medical Center, an HCA hospital and University of Texas Medical Branch also donated funds to help with the project. The system will make all of the ambulances wifi hotspots and be used to track the ambulances in the field, including fuel levels and any mechanical issues. Driver’s performance will also be monitored for speed, hard stops and turns and compliance to utilizing a spotter when backing up the unit. It is the aim to modify driver behavior to reduce vehicle incidents. Once the budgeted Zoll X-series monitors are received, the crew will be able to send 12 lead EKGs from the field directly to the hospital and cardiologist’s smart phone. This will allow for quicker activations of the cath lab for STEMIs and improve patient outcome. The Acetech system also comes equipped with asset monitoring which will alert the crew if a vital piece of equipment is missing from the unit and allow for the asset manager to quickly view the entire fleet and determine where the assets are located. This process sometimes took a week or more each quarter for the asset manager to complete the tasks due to the mobility of the units and equipment. The asset tracking will also be invaluable during a disaster response enabling the scene commander to not only track the vehicles themselves but which unit has specialized equipment on board, such as ventilators or IV pumps, necessary to evacuate hospitals. The project should be complete and installed in the ambulances by the end of January.

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